What is MINDS Social Enterprise?

MINDS Social Enterprise is a business unit run by MINDS that aims to empower adults with intellectual disabilities through vocational training and work engagement opportunities. We run business activities that provide goods and services by our trainees, and the profits earned go to these trainees as monthly allowance.

Is this charity?

Charity is the act of giving something without getting anything in return. In our case, we are not seeking donation, but rather providing goods and services to customers like a regular business. The purchases made by customers go a long way in empowering our trainees as they create work engagement opportunities and provide them with a monthly allowance. 

We strive to produce high quality products to gain customers’ support and not purchase out of sympathy. We take all feedback on our products and services seriously and welcome you to share them with us. Contact us here for any feedback or enquiries. 

Are your food items halal certified?

We are not Halal certified. However, we use only halal certified ingredients. Food and food related items not halal certified are prohibited in our kitchens.

If I place an order now, how soon can you deliver?

No longer than 14 days upon confirmation of order. Kindly note that we will be using an external courier for this service, therefore, the delivery timeframe will be dependent on the driver’s schedule.

What is your return/exchange policy?

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we will work with you to make it right. Please note that most handmade products come with slight variations and imperfections – no 2 pieces are identical and each piece is a personal gift. Our beneficiaries work hard to produce top quality products and they take pride in their work. If you have any feedback/suggestions on how we can improve on our goods & services, please let us know.