Starter Kit of Interactive Vocabulary



Language: English
Paperback: 35 pages (A5)
ISBN: 978-981-18-5188-9
Publication Date: 3rd Dec 2022

A great resource to get you started with signs of functional vocabulary for use in daily interactions with both children and adults. A book of 100 signs with clear line drawings and simple to understand descriptions on how to make the signs. For Android users, scan the QR code at the back cover of the book to access an App with videoclips, giving you a head-start in learning the signs. This book is used as an accompanying training resource in the Basic Key Word Sign Workshop.

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Key Word Sign is used to support people who are hearing and have little or no speech. Key Word Sign is not sign language, but rather a communication strategy where we sign only the key words as we speak in normal grammatical sentences – hence, its name Key Word Sign.

In Key Word Sign Singapore, we maintain the methodology of the Key Word Sign Approach whilst we adapt and use the signs from the local deaf community so as to better meet the needs and culture of our local context here in Singapore. The development of Key Word Sign (Singapore) is a collaboration between MINDSG, Key Word Sign Australia and the Singapore Association for the Deaf.

MINDSG is the publisher of the “Learning Key Word Sign (Singapore) Together” 3-part book series, namely:
1. Starter Kit of Interactive Vocabulary
2. Daily Living, Health & Well-Being
3. Learning & Thinking